What is QRM?

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a strategy to improve processes. Not only the production, but also the office can be optimized with QRM. The main goal is to, despite a wide variation in orders, quickly deliver quality with high reliability. By focusing on speed and reliability, in addition, in practice, the cost to go down.

QRM is the correct strategy for customer-driven companies such as the metal, machinery and electrical industries, such as Lean Manufacturing which is for companies that make large series of more or less standard products.

So you produce in small batch sizes with a lot of variation between the different (customer) orders? QRM then helps you in 4 steps to shorter processing times and higher reliability.

Work in cells

Your office and workplace are classified into production cells. In such a cell are merged logical combinations of operations. They are not purely functional cells.

Cross by producing each of different products is due to a order ‘en route’ to follow along different cells. This takes into account the capacity of the cells that are ‘upstream’ available. The mechanism that causes POLCA called for the shortest possible lead time, which stands for Paired-cell Overlapping Loops of Cards with Authorization.


Own responsibility

Inside the cell, the team will have the responsibility to make finished products or parts of products. The people in the team to make itself the choices to get the most out the process. This creates a great sense of pride and ownership.


Increase flexibility with training

By cross-train your employees can be taken work together. This makes your employees better and more broadly usable.


Shorten your lead time

Where possible to remove wait times from the process, creates an organization that quickly and always deliver on time. Consider the availability of machinery and equipment, unnecessary process steps, waiting time, and so on.


What would it bring you?

How many customers you could win if your delivery time would be halved? This is absolutely possible with QRM.